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We love all kinds of craftsmanships and the French way of a mixture of the old traditional style and the new modern style. It makes its own unique atmosphere.
Our shop delivers to you the French touch directly from Paris.

We started as a personal import online shop as a French company in 2005.
Starting from the French vintage, and now handling a wide range of  Paris designer's fashion accessories until French taste products.


流行にとらわれず、ちょうど良い具合に力を抜いて、 ちょうど良い具合にきちんとしたスタイルが楽しめるパリジェンヌがお手本。



That is us we ship your order!  | 当店スタッフ

Hiromi.C  | シャルパンティエ広美
owner of peititeparis, buying, photo, packing, instagram

Takako.G | 貴子
assistant, packing, twitter



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