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Star-shaped wooden domino from Japanese created team kiki+gg*.
They are in a nice box and come with a cute golden bag to stare them easily for kids. All wooden parts are treated with bee-wax. Lovely gift for kids and baby.

size : about W4 × D7 cm (star), 100 pieces of star
material : beechwood, cotton (bag)

Star shaped wooden domino from Japanese creation team kiko+ & gg*.

tanabataと名付けれた木製ドミノのセット。7つのカラフルな星が各10個、木のナチュラル感をいかした星が30個の合計100個のビーチ材で作られています。ナチュラルの星、30個には0から9までの数字の刻印があり、数字遊びもできます。ドミノを並べた様子は、まるで夜空に輝く天の川そのもの。また積み木のように積んだりして遊ぶのも楽しい!子どもはもちろん、大人も一緒に遊べる玩具です。持ち運びや収納に便利なキラキラのゴールドバッグが魅力的。お部屋にインテリアにも使えるアイテムです。 stored in holland, made in china

kiko+ & gg*のアイテムは、こどもたちが安心して遊べるようデザインだけではなく、仕上にはミツロウがらつくったドイツのbeewaxを使用し構造や耐久性にも配慮し、すべてのアイテムでヨーロッパのおもちゃの安全基準であるCE-EN71を取得しています。


kiko+ & gg*



'gachagacha' is a wooden shapes dispenser, that is cute and fun! You can turn the silver star and you get a colorful and different shape ball ! It is just like babble-gums or candy dispenser any children love! There is one golden star shape and silver moon shape. If you get one of these, you are the lucky one for today! nice gift for girls and boys.
design in Japan, stored in holland, made in china size : about W4 × D7 cm (star), 100 pieces of star
material : wooden beads, PET (case) * This item is not suitable for children under  3years old. gg* and kiko+ items have been designed considering high safety standards and have all passed the CE test.

kiko+ is for kids. kiko+ will grow with kids.
kids are like tiny artists. As they have their own sense of design and character, each item will be a bright treasure.
kiko+ and kids, they will always walk together! gg*
gg* is a brand that has been producing wooden toys and products since 2007. Our toys incorporate modern and stylish design that kids find intersting.
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